I used to worry I wasn’t doing enough to find customers online. Digital Profit Farm cleared away the confusion and put me on the path to making more money. 
— Haydn Shaw, consultant to Microsoft, Atlanta Falcons, Hyatt Hotels and hundreds of other top companies
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The timing and technique are as important  as the actual message. We've helped generate more than 1 million YouTube views and over 60,000 social media connections. 

Let's get people talking. 



It's not uncommon for companies to spend five figures on a website, only to completely scrap the project within a few months due to lack of results. 

Skip the pain and frustration that comes from poorly written copy.

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follow a proven schedule to growth

We'll show you a proven formula that's helped mom-and-pop shops to multi-million dollar corporations grow.

Take the guess work out of consistently increasing profits.

Breaking the 10 Second Curse

Digital Profit Farm has looked at the analytics behind hundreds of websites, and found the same number associated with every single website that fails to convert. 

10 seconds. 

Websites that don't make money or move ideas around in the world are easy to spot. These are the sites where new visitors click away with in the first 10 seconds. When the browser shows up, the visitor may not consciously know why they're frustrated, but they know when they haven't found what they are looking for, and leave. 

Imagine trying to get someone to see a movie with a ten second trailer. Or trying to close the sale after only 10 seconds of conversation. 

It doesn't matter how great or innovative your product or idea is if no one sticks around longer for 10 seconds. Digital Profit Farm is here to make your webpage sticky. Grab attention from the first glance, and share your message with clarity.