The Consultant and the Millennial #5: An "Elder Millennial" on Why Old School Business Process Still Matters

At 33, Adam Kail has started and run two successful companies successfully, while bucking nearly every millennial stereotype. He self-funded the ventures rather than finding a large investor check. The office doesn't have a slide or ping pong tables. And he operates on old school principals that might seem more at home with the WWII generation than with iPhone addicted twentysomethings. 

In this episode, Seth, Haydn and Adam discuss: 

--building a process based business, and why the boring stuff is what actually makes you money. 

--why putting metrics and measurements in place moves the manager out of the "judge, jury and executioner" role and in the seat of performance coach. 

--How he drastically improved the performance of a low ranked employee...and what he did with four others who were at the bottom of the barrel.

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