The Consultant and the Millennial #6: The Hyper Practical Guide to Leadership vs. Management

It may sound like a bad keynote at a conference you wish you had skipped, but there really is a difference between management and leadership.

Management is all about execution. Leadership is about steering the ship into the future. If you jump straight to leadership and skip management, you're always going to have holes in your stategy and execution.

In this episode, Seth Tower Hur and I discuss:

--why leaders have a to-do list they can't knock out in a week.

--the vital and symbiotic relationship between visionary leaders and highly detailed process people, and how they get under each others skin.

--why it's so essential to "look around corners" as a leader.

--what to do if you're in a family business where a family member has been promoted to leadership without management (or even regular employee) skills.