The Consultant and the Millennial #10: Networking for People Who Hate Networking

If you've ever felt uncomfortable in a room full of strangers...this is the episode about why you need to walk across the room, and how to connect with people you've never met before without being weird. 

Haydn finds random networking to be stressful because he's more comfortable when he has a role (speaker, consultant, etc.) 

If Tim Ferriss is right, and "your network is your net worth," then Seth's net worth is in the billions. He may be in the first year of managing a new company, but the people he can shoot a text to and get a response, from managers of platium artists to entrepenuers and multi-generational business owners with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets...the advice and rescources he has access to go much further than his current income shows. 

Much of that network was built off of "random" converesations. 

This episode is all about how to help those spontaneous conversations happen...because some of them will be life changing.