#26 Why Twitter Sucks and Winning on Social Media in 2018


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Here's what people mean when they say "social media just doesn't work for our business."

Translation: "We hired somebody's 19 year old niece as an intern or freelancer, and had no idea how to manage the project, or if anything was happening. So we got frustrated and just bailed on the whole thing." 

Hey, I get it. As a business owner, few things frustrate me more than a project I tried out, but produced no results. Paying someone each month to take selfies and scroll through Snapchat, while producing nothing for your company would turn anybody off to the idea of social media. 

Most people I meet reside in the tension between knowing the social media efforts of their business are not on point, and the fear that they're just going to get ripped off again. 

Whether you handle social media yourself, delegate to a team member or hire outside help, you need to understand the art and the science that goes into producing measurable results for your bottom line. 

On this episode of The Consultant and the Millennial Podcast, my co-host Haydn Shaw* and I break down:

  • Why Twitter has become all but obselete for business use, and is a steaming pile of garbage that will destroy your time and deliver no profits in return 
  • The reason long-form writing is back on Facebook. 
  • The case for Instagram Stories being something you can't skip over as a business. 
  • Why you need to sign up for a Medium account ASAP, even if you've never heard of it. 
  • How to hire (or hire out) and more importantly, manage, social media for your company. 

*If you haven't checked out an episode yet, Haydn is a consultant who's worked with Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, Atlanta Falcons, NASA, and has trained over 30,000 managers in his lifetime. He's also hilarious.