The Consultant and the Millennial #37: Leading Younger vs. Older Millennials, Knowledge Transfer (Repost)


My Worst Customer Nearly Cannibalized My Entire Business.

The manager of the business would call me at odd times. If I didn’t pick up, he’d text me to call him ASAP. I’d run out of church or step out of a movie, only to get caught in a meandering conversation about nothing. No deadlines were set on these calls. No deliverables were landed on. The manager just assumed that the money that was being paid to my company included 24/7 access for a listening ear about projects that would never become reality.

And I allowed it.

I was new in business with a baby on the way, and I thought nothing could be worse than losing that contract.

There was one worse option. Keeping it.

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#Throwback Check Out the Very First Episode!

Due to two episode files getting corrupted this week (ugh), here’s the very first episode of The Consultant and the Millennial, on why managing older vs. younger millennials is so different, and how to execute on knowledge transfer as baby boomers leave the workforce.

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Here’s My Favorite New Business Podcast

Alexis Ohanion has every reason to be arrogant, if he wanted to. He co-founded Reddit, and now spends his days as a successful Venture Capitalist. And he’s married to tennis superstar Serena Williams. And he’s worth $150 million.

Rather than tech-bro-ing his way through life, Alexis is a suprisingly humble and insightful guy. His new podcast, Business Schooled, focuses on interviewing Gen X and Baby Boomer business owners. It’s a series of stories that major publications normally ignore, because they’re happening in Missouri and South Carolina rather than New York and San Francisco.

Check out Business Schooled. There’s a lot of great insights to dig into.

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