The Consultant and the Millennial #36 Avoiding Disastrous & Costly Interview Mistakes.

As I stared blankly at the candidate across the desk, all I could think about was my throbbing head from caffeine withdrawal. A doctor had ordered me to cut off my seven-cup-a-day coffee habit, and I would soon find out that I wasn’t in the best frame of mine to make a significant decision.

In the moment, I had half a thought that maybe I should put the brakes on the whole thing.
But I had a team to manage. Deadlines to meet.

In a very out of character move, I just threw up my hands and just said “good enough” and hired a team member that I wasn’t sure on.

Within a year, that employee had been dismissed on ethical grounds.

"If half of your hires are a bad fit, there's $100,000-200,000 a year walking out the front door just in a small business. And usually nobody notices the bleeding." Haydn Shaw.

On this episode, we look at how the pendulum has swung from the trend of "impossible characteristics" to "going purely off of feel," and how to get the art and science of interviewing right. 

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Bonus: Combat PTSD &Modern Management

Sebastian Junger is not a “business author.” He’s best known for the nonfiction adventure books like The Perfect Storm (also a major motion pictures).

Sebastian’s latest book, Tribe, contains a chapter on how London citizens handled the relentless bombing by the Nazis. The effects were truly horrible. A single explosion could kill hundreds. The German forces specifically targeted residential areas alongside factories and military targets. The Nazis wanted to kill civilians in order to throw the country into chaos.


The opposite happened. Londoners pulled together like never before. Suicides and mental illness rates dropped dramatically. Crime all but disappeared. This kind of behavior is not a statistical outlier. People across time and culture tend to draw together and rise up when faced with a great challenge.

I highly recommend putting Tribe on your reading list for 2019. It will push you to ask yourself how (and if) you’re creating a workplace environment where a team comes together in unity to tackle a great challenge.

Essential Skill: Color Theory for Business

One of the things that drives me the most crazy is business leaders who think they should choose photos based on their favorite sports team, what color they like to wear or just at random.

Colors matter. Take 10 minutes to learn why in this excellent tutorial on the subject. And don’t miss the info-graphic below.

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