The Consultant and the Millennial #11: Nonprofits & Family Businesses Are Similar--Here's how to Lead, Thrive and Create Change in Them

Most people don't put nonprofits and family businesses into the same catagory, but in reality the two kinds of organizations share much more in common than either does with working in a large corporation.

At some point in our careers, most of us will either A). work in one (or both) or B). volunteer with a nonprofit we value. 

This episode is how to navigate the unique cultures, overcome challenges and get stuff done. 

The Consultant and the Millennial #10: Networking for People Who Hate Networking

If you've ever felt uncomfortable in a room full of strangers...this is the episode about why you need to walk across the room, and how to connect with people you've never met before without being weird. 

Haydn finds random networking to be stressful because he's more comfortable when he has a role (speaker, consultant, etc.) 

If Tim Ferriss is right, and "your network is your net worth," then Seth's net worth is in the billions. He may be in the first year of managing a new company, but the people he can shoot a text to and get a response, from managers of platium artists to entrepenuers and multi-generational business owners with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets...the advice and rescources he has access to go much further than his current income shows. 

Much of that network was built off of "random" converesations. 

This episode is all about how to help those spontaneous conversations happen...because some of them will be life changing. 

The Consultant and the Millennial #9: Is "Millennial" a Bad Word in Business Now?

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A recent (and complicated) trend in business is for Millennials to demand that "the M word" no longer be used, as it's often associated with underperformance and the demand for constant affirmation. 

But if we don't understand the generational differences of our coworkers, managers and the teams we lead...things just break down more quickly. 

In this episode, Haydn and Seth take a look at how to lead, collaborate and win regardless of these new trends. 

The Consultant and the Millennial #7: #7 Management is not the Jr. Varsity Squad to Leadership's Varsity

In most companies, the CEO is paid many multiples of a manager's salary. 

Which is why Haydn says we treat leaders (defined as people who's to-do list can't be accomplished in a week) as the varsity squad, with managers (those executing the day-to-day operations) as jr. varsity. 

In this episode, Seth and Haydn break down: 

--why to be a manager

--what happens when someone moves up in a company without having to do the "blocking and tackling" of management

--what to do if you're good at leadership, but have to handle management first

--the one key behavior shared by almost all great managers

The Consultant and the Millennial #6: The Hyper Practical Guide to Leadership vs. Management

It may sound like a bad keynote at a conference you wish you had skipped, but there really is a difference between management and leadership.

Management is all about execution. Leadership is about steering the ship into the future. If you jump straight to leadership and skip management, you're always going to have holes in your stategy and execution.

In this episode, Seth Tower Hur and I discuss:

--why leaders have a to-do list they can't knock out in a week.

--the vital and symbiotic relationship between visionary leaders and highly detailed process people, and how they get under each others skin.

--why it's so essential to "look around corners" as a leader.

--what to do if you're in a family business where a family member has been promoted to leadership without management (or even regular employee) skills.

The Consultant and the Millennial #5: An "Elder Millennial" on Why Old School Business Process Still Matters

At 33, Adam Kail has started and run two successful companies successfully, while bucking nearly every millennial stereotype. He self-funded the ventures rather than finding a large investor check. The office doesn't have a slide or ping pong tables. And he operates on old school principals that might seem more at home with the WWII generation than with iPhone addicted twentysomethings. 

In this episode, Seth, Haydn and Adam discuss: 

--building a process based business, and why the boring stuff is what actually makes you money. 

--why putting metrics and measurements in place moves the manager out of the "judge, jury and executioner" role and in the seat of performance coach. 

--How he drastically improved the performance of a low ranked employee...and what he did with four others who were at the bottom of the barrel.

Find out about more Adam's company at 


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The Consultant and the Millennial #4: Beware of the Light Eaters

In episode three, we learned about the “change wave.” Like an earthquake in the ocean that creates a tsunami wave, it takes time for a change to “hit” and cause damage, chaos and confusion. Most people are surprised when things are actually harder six months after a major change like new leadership, a major market disruption or other “wave.”

In this episode, Haydn and Seth break down the six kind of reactions to change, from people who are waiting to see which way the wind will blow to “light eaters” who are actively out to cause destruction. 

The most important takeaway from this episode is who you need to be influencing in order to return calm, focus and productivity to the organization.


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The Consultant and the Millennial #3: Why Change is So Hard, and What to Do About It

Often when there's a change in leadership or another significant shift in an organization, there's a wave of excitment from some, and fear from others. Whatever the initial reaction, the other shoe tends to drop, usually about eight or nine months after the shift. 

Haydn calls this a "change wave." Like an earthquake in the ocean that reults in a tsunami, it takes time for the wave to build up momentum before it hits land and causes damage. 
In this episode, Haydn and Seth discuss how to anticipate the change wave, and how to work though the inevitable conflict and loss of productivity that accompany the wave hitting your organization. 

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