To thrive today, every brand needs to be a media company. Digital Podcast Farm helped Shine.FM expand beyond radio and plan, launch and promote a successful podcast nework!
— Brian Mcintyre Utter, Network manager Shine.FM Chicago, Indianapolis and Lansing, MI
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build your format

Don't know how to get started?

Tap into decades of knowledge built from growing audiences for Chicago radio and Emmy winning TV programs to lock down your format, book the right guests, and create a show your fans will love. 



It doesn't how brilliant or funny you are,  no podcast finds a large audience if it sounds like it's recorded on two cans connected by string. 

Learn what recording setup you need without the costly trial-and-error process. 



Despite what you might think, having a great podcast doesn't mean anyone is going to hear it. 

To reach 10,000 per episode within three months, you'll need to leverage email, social media and ads. We'll show you how. 

Breaking the "10 Episode Curse"

You need to understand this before you start. Most podcasts never make it past the 10th episode. 

The content creators see a low number of downloads, get discouraged, and delete the whole project, hoping their friends and contacts forget the whole affair. 

Ok, some are duds right out of the gate. But many had the potential to be hits. But the format, recording process or launch plan was wrong. 

Don't become a victim of the "10 episode curse." Get the launch guide, build a tribe, and let your podcast be the catalyst for your best year ever.