Rend Collective’s Ali Gilkeson on Working with Her Husband (Without Going Crazy)


Rend Collective: a band and a marriage

Not everyone could work with their spouse and be happy about it, but Rend Collective’s Gareth and Ali Gilkeson have found a balance.

”We have two boys, and we travel everywhere together.” Ali explains. For Gareth and Ali, it’s all about choosing to be thankful, even during stressful times on the road as a band and family with young kids.


Rend Collective’s “Count Every Blessing” is currently #1 on Shine.FM, a song born out of a time period of “nothing”

”Sometimes doing nothing is the most spiritual thing you can be doing. That whole idea of Sabbath, you need it. It’s not just an idea,” Gareth explains.

Check out the video below for more of the band’s story.