Recap of 1/17/19 Kickoff Meeting

The goal is to launch the “basic site” (without new innovations that were discussed on 1/17) before the April Pledge Drive. In turn, this means launching an open beta in March for Brian and team to test out.

Here’s a rundown of the individual elements of the project:

Design Tweaks

Per our discussion, these are all minor changes which can mainly be completed in the design review software (the name is escaping me at the moment). Andrew will mark up the document and will get feedback from marketing. Seth, in turn will get feedback from Shine and then give David the thumbs up that the changes are good to go.

It’s understood that some (or most, or all) of these may be implemented in “phase two” sometime later in 2019.

Deadline: TBD (but likely no more than 10 business days)

expanded streaming features

None of these features are required for launch, but are desired features:

  1. A way to embed a live YouTube feed onto the main page for when Shine goes live from the studio. Seth and Gary Dearth can set the studio up for streaming, and simply need the best solution for how to present the video onto the site.

  2. A drop down audio player, with multiple streaming options, including: Shine, Spark, Brilla and multiple podcast options. Ideally, this design will also include a space for a ad (or rotating ads) as this will become the highest value real estate on the site.

Deadline: TBD (but likely after April 15, 2019)

minor brand tweak

This is simply a moderate update of the Shine logo, similar to the latest ONU logo update, which simply updates the font/shape of the logo a bit). The changes will be smooth enough for a “soft launch.” In other words, Shine can simply order new collateral with the refreshed logo as they run out…rather than throwing away all resources and starting over.

Deadline: First draft to show Shine staff by 2/1


I’m still working with Stephanie on her wish list for features, so this is not a final request…but here are the big ones:

  1. A unique log in

  2. Analytics, to see what content each donor is interacting with.

  3. A way to tag and sort into three main catagories. Still working on terminology on these.

Deadline: TBD (but almost certainly after April 15, 2019)